#RecogniseStudyAbroad at the European Parliament

On 29th March 2017, the event #RecogniseStudyAbroad was hosted at the European Parliament, with the aim to launch the collection of signatures for the written question proposed by MEP Victor Negrescu.



The campaign is achieving concrete results

EEE-YFU and its partners EFIL, OBESSU, EPA, Euroclio and KeyCoNet succeeded in raising awareness about the lack of recognition of study periods abroad. The campaign #RecogniseStudyAbroad, initiated one year ago, is now achieving concrete results. Over the past months the campaign was endorsed by many civil society representatives, students, teachers, and also by 10 Members of the European Parliament.

The commitment of MEP Victor Negrescu is resulting in the initiative of submitting a written question for oral debate in the European Parliament plenary. The written question will call on the European Commission to address this issue and take appropriate measures.

The event at the Parliament was a milestone

The event on 29th March gathered representatives from the civil society, the European Commission, and the European Parliament. Two former exchange students shared their experiences and organisers presented the campaign.

MEP Victor Negrescu, host of the event, made clear that he is ready to keep the promise: after submitting the written question and engaging in oral debate at the plenary session, he is planning on working on a European Parliament Own Initiative Report and on a Pilot Project – with the support of civil society organisations.

MEP Julie Ward and MEP Daniele Viotti, who joined the event, already signed the written question. Some other MEPs replied positively and will sign soon. In the coming weeks, the written question needs to be signed by at least 40 MEPs in order to be tabled at the European Parliament plenary session.

Big plans ahead

This is just the first step. The plan is to have a European Parliament Own Initiative Report and on a Pilot Project on recognition of studies abroad within one year. The ultimate aim is to draft a proposal for the first ever European legislation on recognition of study abroad. An ambitious plan, which would be possible only with the commitment of all parties and with a strong political will.

Yes we can! #RecogniseStudyAbroad