Key Competences: our voice was heard

The European Commission published the “Report on the results of the stakeholder consultation” related to the revision of the Key Competences Framework. EEE-YFU contributions were taken into consideration and given prominence in the report.

Over the past months, EEE-YFU has advocated for specific improvements in the current EU Key Competences Framework, which was designed in 2006 and is now going through a revision phase.

In the Spring 2017, the European Commission launched a public consultation, inviting stakeholders to provide inputs on how the framework should be changed and improved. EEE-YFU responded to the public consultation and prepared a position paper, which was enclosed to the online consultation and disseminated among policy-makers.

We are glad to acknowledge that our recommendations were taken on-board and they are present in the Report. In particular, EEE-YFU succeeded of pointing out the need  for a more global and intercultural perspective, since  the current definition of social and civic competences does not adequately reflect the global dimension that any kind of social and civic participation entails in our increasingly interconnected society. The European Commission seems open to include the concept of “global competence” in the framework, thus aligning with the OECD’s PISA assessment.

In addition to this, we appreciate the acknowledgment of the need to include a specific definition of “intercultural competence” in the framework. EEE-YFU has endorsed EFIL’s stand on this point.

EEE-YFU will continue monitoring developments towards the establishment of a revised Key Competences Framework, and will further advocate for better integration of global and intercultural competences in this tool.