#RecogniseStudyAbroad: Parliamentary Question registered!

31/05/2017: MEP Negrescu formally registered the parliamentary question to debate the issue of “recognise study abroad” at the European’s Parliament plenary session.

What happened?

The campaign #RecogniseStudyAbroad, initiated by EEE-YFU and EFIL last year, found the support of many members of the European Parliament.

In particular, MEP Victor Negrescu took the initiative to table a question for oral debate (rule 128) to bring the issue of lack of recognition of study periods abroad to the attention of the Parliament’s plenary. We helped MEP Negrescu’s office to collect 40 signatures of other MEPs, which were needed in order to officially register the question.

Today, we celebrated this achievement at the European Parliament, taking picutres with some of the MEPs who co-signed the question: MEP Benifei, Griesbeck, Łybacka, and Štefanec.

What is the parliamentary question about?

The question asks the following:

“How does the Commission plan to ensure that EU member states implement the freedom of movement also for those families which change their place of residence together with their school-age children as well as to those pupils willing to spend a study period abroad?

How does the Commission plan to use ongoing initiatives – such as the New Skills Agenda, the Council recommendation on Validation of non-formal and informal learning – for this purpose?”

What’s next?

MEP Negrescu and other MEPs who supported the cause (with the help of EEE-YFU and EFIL) would need to get further support across political groups in the Parliament, in order to have the question on the agenda of one of the upcoming plenary sessions.

We expect the debate to happen after the summer break and to lead to strong consensus on the need to act for a European-level legislation on recognition of study abroad.