Testimonies to show the importance of recognising the exchange year

IMG_20160421_182702 A campaign for the recognition of the exchange year

EEE-YFU, together with some partner organisations (EFIL, EPA, OBESSU, KeyCoNet, EUROCLIO) recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about the lack of recognition of the exchange year.
The exchange year is recognised only in some countries across Europe (Austria, Belgium- Francophone Community, Italy, Spain, and Turkey), while elsewhere the students have to repeat the school year, once back to their home countries.
The campaign aims to raise awareness about this issue, which is not well-known and still hinders mobility opportunities for many young people.

Send us your testimonies

We are collecting testimonies from current exchange students, returnees, parents, teachers, volunteers, and YFU staff, to show that the year abroad is a unique learning opportunity that deserves proper recognition.
How can your voice be heard? You can send your testimony to valentina@eee-yfu.org, in the form of:
  • a meaningful picture from your exchange year, accompanied by a quote stating your greatest learning achievement.
  • a picture of you, holding a sign #RecogniseStudyAbroad.
  • a short written testimony (5-6 lines) in which you can tell the problems you encountered with recognition, and/or how this could hinder the willingness to leave on an exchange, and/or what the exchange meant for you, and/or why the exchange year should be recognised.
  • a short video of yourself (2 minutes maximum) with the same content details above for the written testimony.
All testimonies will be uploaded on a specific page of our website, dedicated to the campaign.
Looking forward to receiving your testimonies!