#valueyouthwork and reply to the survey!

#valueyouthwork at a glance

EEE-YFU joined the campaign #valueyouthwork launched by the European Confederation of Youth Clubs (ECYC).

This online campaign aims to raise awareness on the diversity of youth work practices all over Europe. At an international level, youth work is increasingly associated with prevention practices in contexts of violent radicalization. Indeed, youth work can play a big role in preventing radicalization. However, it is important to bear in mind that youth work entails much more than that.

What is youth work?

There are several definitions of youth work. Though, the best way to understand youth work in Europe today is to consider it as a value-based practice, done for and with young people and strongly anchored in non-formal learning.
Acknowledging that the current European youth context is changing, with violent extremism or radicalization being a growing trend does not imply that youth work´s needs have changed since a decade ago. Youth work still needs more recognition, better funding and closer cooperation between youth work and other sectors. Therefore, addressing these needs would unlock youth work´s full potential, like also, preventing violent radicalization.

Help us via this survey!

As part of the #valueyouthwork campaign, ECYC launched a short survey aiming at reaching youth workers all across Europe. We encourage youth workers and volunteers to reply to it, thus helping understand to which extent you deal with radicalization in your work and what are your specific needs in this regards. There are 6 questions in total and you can fill the survey in under 10 minutes, while providing us with valuable information on youth work capacity development needs.