EEE-YFU 2015-2016 BoardAt it’s 2016 General Meeting, EEE-YFU thanked departing and welcomed new members of the Board of EEE-YFU.

The 2016 General Meeting in Strasbourg (9 to 10 April 2016), was exciting event for EEE-YFU, with many new elements and lots of discussions about the leadership and direction of EEE-YFU and YFU in the world.  As happens each year, there were board elections to renew the membership of the board.

Thanking Departing Board Members

We are grateful for all the contributions of Ieva Dirvonskaite (YFU Lithuania), Véronique Brasquet (YFU France) and Gabriella Lajtos (YFU Hungary) for all that they’ve brought to YFU and to the Board of EEE-YFU.

Welcoming new Members of the Board

EEE-YFU also welcomed Laura Balanescu (YFU Romania), Elmar Lammerskitten (YFU Germany) and Gregory Matheson (YFU France).  Eac of these people have already contributed to numerous European and international projects and will provide valuable leadership for EEE-YFU as it moves forward in new directions over the next few years.