Coloured Glasses

coloured-glasses-cover picIn 1996, a EEE-YFU project resulted in the creation of a manual entitled Coloured Glasses: a Resource Manual for Intercultural Education, which contains ready-to-use workshops on intercultural learning for use in secondary schools (14-18 year olds). This set of tolerance workshops is tailored for both teachers and students and use interactive non-formal education methods. Participants explore and learn about values, cultural differences, stereotypes, non-verbal and verbal communication as well as identity. The objectives of these workshops are:

  • to introduce young people to the concepts of intercultural learning
  • to raise awareness on problems in society caused by intolerance

Coloured Glasses refers to the well-known analogy of the sunglasses which represents the cultural filters through which we observe and interpret reality.

The manual was used during a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project in 1999, which ran parallel in Estonia and Germany. Since then, the manual has gone through several revisions and updates, mainly in YFU Germany. YFU European organisations have sporadically been involved in organising Coloured Glasses workshops in schools. These interactive workshops also increase YFU's visibility since they demonstrate our organisation' expertise in intercultural learning, especially with teachers and school students.

In more recent years, individual YFU organisations have brought volunteers from other countries - in the context of the EVS programme - to conduct these workshops, giving an added value to the workshops and to the capacity of the YFU organisation. Find out more about the World’s Coloured Glasses’ project!

This project was made possible by the Youth in Action programme

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