EEE-YFU in a Nutshell

eee yfu logoEEE-YFU is the umbrella organisation for national YFU organisations in Europe and currently has 29 member organisations. Youth for Understanding is a non-profit youth exchange organisation, providing exchange programmes for 15 to 18 year old students in more than 50 countries world wide.  Find out more information about Youth for Understanding.

Purpose and Priorities

The purpose of EEE-YFU as laid out in its Charter, is "to provide individuals with exceptional learning and growth opportunities both for their own educational benefit and to enable them to break the barriers separating nations, cultures and beliefs."

In 2014, EEE-YFU and its member organisations worked through a consultation process to develop the 2015-2017 EEE-YFU Strategic Plan which lays out priorities for the four main working areas outlined below.

Long-term Aims & Working Areas

Long-term Aims

EEE-YFU works to support its member organisations to grow as quality and sustainable organisations.  Through educational activities, advocacy, networking, and marketing, EEE-YFU supports member organisations to develop stronger volunteer networks and leadership, have a greater influence on policy, increase the recognition of YFU, and be relevant and innovative in response to an evolving European society.

Working Areas

  • Educational Activities - providing and demonstrating high quality value and impact of educational activities
  • Advocacy - building member organisations' and EEE-YFU's capacity in national and European advocacy
  • Social Marketing - developing member organisation capacity and effectiveness in social marketing
  • Networking Projects - developing European networking through increased sharing and exchange

A History of Creating Links Between Young Europeans


EEE-YFU was founded in 1985 by 10 European YFU organisations wishing to create more co-operation within Europe. 15 years before the enlargement of the European Union, YFU volunteers started building intercultural understanding between Eastern and Western Europe by facilitating long-term youth exchange programmes.

By the 25th year of EEE-YFU in 2010 more than 10,000 young Europeans have benefited from the opportunity to spend a full year in another European country through YFU programmes. Today YFU organises around 500 annual intra-European exchanges between its 29 national YFU organisations.