Global Waves

Voluntaria 2017 is part of the bigger project “Global Waves for Local Impact” co-funded by the European Youth Foundation.

There are several interconnected activities which constitute this work plan:

  • Creation of the Intercultural Orientations Manual.
  • The Changemakers Academy – a training for trainers and campaigners, providing joint thematic workshops and at a certain point splitting into 2 learning tracks – Educational and Campaign.
  • The participants of the Educational track will be involved in the subsequent 6 Cross-Border Trainings in autumn, helping European YFU organisations harmonise their orientations and train new orientation leaders.
  • On the other hand, the participants of the Campaign track will engage after the training in preparing the Global Citizen ship Campaign, which will be conducted in the autumn in 10 countries.
  • and… Voluntaria!

Voluntaria 2017 connects very well to the overall Global Waves project, by aiming at this objectives:

  • Prepare the Global Citizenship Campaign and inspire new volunteers to become involved
  • Multiply the number of local campaign actions to over 20 and increase the scope, visibility and impact of the Global Citizenship Campaign
  • Develop Global Citizenship Education competence among volunteers and youth workers
  • Strengthen the international YFU movement of local volunteers as actors for Global Citizenship
  • Reach out to the local community through a Forum Theater play