Member Organisations

Our members consist of national YFU organisations from European countries. They work in partnership with each other  and with other YFU organisations from around the world.

YFU organisations in Europe offer international home-stay exchange programmes. While going to high school, YFU exchange students live with a host family and are fully integrated into their host country's social life. By adapting to the new culture, YFU exchange students gain valuable insights on intercultural learning and understanding.  European YFU organisations provide the opportunity for students from their country to go abroad on exchange, both within and outside of Europe, and also host both European and non-European students to live in their country.

Some European YFU organisations also offer Community College programmes - one of the 25 different kinds of programmes - for those who have already finished high school in their own country. Please refer to the national organisations homepages stated below to find out about the different international programmes YFU offers to you, from art to sport to music to tourism to fashion.

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