Membership Support Fund

Membership Support Fund

The Membership Support Fund was created in order to help EEE-YFU member organisations to attend educational activities and to make use of the expertise and experience which exist within the European Trainer Network (ETN).

This support fund has two main purposes:

  • To help pay for member organisations in financial difficulty to send participants to attend EEE-YFU educational activities, by waiving the participation fee and paying for up to 85% of their travel expenses
  • To enable member organisations to have access to the expertise and experience of members of the European Trainer Network by financing 85% of trainers’ travel expenses to go to member organisations and help them with organising and facilitating their events (in the form of a "flying trainer")

The Member Support Fund constitutes a real service to EEE-YFU's members that is visible and tangible to those using it. It helps to increase the capacity of member organisations to conduct their own activities as well as increasing their competences and experiences by facilitating their attendance to EEE-YFU trainings and seminars. Furthermore, the Fund promotes the use of the European Trainer Network (ETN). In general, it thus helps to strengthen both the European YFU community and the ETN, and it will help ensure that member organisations are not precluded due to financial constraints.

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