Pool of Representatives

What is the Pool of Representatives?

To represent the voice of its members at the European and international level, EEE-YFU has a Pool of Representatives (PoR). Its role is to represent EEE-YFU within different structures, institutions and meetings. The pool is currently made up of 21 people from across Europe, all of whom are members of their national YFU organisations. They have a wide range of experiences and areas of interest, which will allow for EEE-YFU to co-ordinate its representation efforts better. Each member is committed to the PoR for a period of 2 years and, during this time, acts as a vital link between EEE-YFU and other youth structures.

The events that members attend are very diverse. Examples of events where members of the PoR were present in 2015 include:

  • European Youth Conferences (Structured Dialogue)
  • Conference on “Human rights and democracy in action: Addressing extremism and radicalisation through education”
  • Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (Council of Europe)
  • European Youth Work Convention
  • Training Course on Structured Participation in Democratic Processes 
  • Symposium on youth participation in a digitalised world
  • European Day of Languages
  • Council of Members of the European Youth Forum


Current members in 2016


Aile Arro

YFU Estonia

Andreas Boesch

YFU Germany

Andreas Steffen

YFU Germany

Beliz Balim 

YFU Turkey

Carina Deurrschmied

YFU Germany

Clemens Willenbrock

YFU Germany

Cristiana Panait

YFU Romania

Elias Wille

YFU Germany

Elina Torma 

YFU Hungary

Hanna Klein

YFU Germany

Ieva Silickaitė

YFU Lithuania

Ivan Vasilev

YFU Germany

Lena Gronbach

YFU South Africa

Mareike Schwartz

YFU Germany

Martin Becker

YFU Latvia

Regine Haege

YFU Germany

René-Louis David

YFU France

Sascha Vogel

YFU Germany

Simone Drost

YFU Germany

Soner Uzanier

YFU Turkey

Michalina Toczek

YFU Poland

Terje Kruup

YFU Estonia

Volunteers' Guide to European Representation

For more information on how to have your say in Europe, EEE-YFU has written a PDF with information about advocacy. In this PDF will be explained what European youth policy is about as well as where it is done. Also, a toolbox with advocacy methods will be given, that could be used to advocate in Europe.

The Volunteer's Guide to European Representation can be downloaded here.

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