3D Exchanges

3D Exchanges

Short exchanges: travel and learn!

3D Exchanges are a unique opportunity for both YFU exchange students and for their friends and classmates  to be part of an international group of young and explore a relevant topic while visiting amazing sites in Europe.

Typically 5 days long, these exchanges combine field-visits, workshops, team-building activities, reflections in sub-groups, and other experiential learning methods. All these activities are highly interactive and place the young people at the core of the process, stimulating their empathy, critical thinking, and ability to see situations from different perspectives.

3D stands for Discovery, Diversity, Development

Discovery: participants explore an interesting theme related to active citizenship, European identity, intercultural dialogue, and global challenges.

Diversity: the exchange offers young people from different backgrounds the opportunity to meet, share, and learn from each other in a truly intercultural setting.

Development: through a variety of activities and experiences, young people deepen knowledge and understanding of relevant issues, develop their interpersonal competences, and increase their motivation to become active citizens and actors for intercultural dialogue.

A mixed group of young people - intercultural learning for all!

3D Exchanges are offered to YFU current and former students and to their peers (friends, classmates, members of their host-families, etc.). Participants are typically 15-18 years old.

For YFU students, a 3D Exchange is the opportunity to maximise what they have learnt and experienced during their long-term exchange abroad, fostering intercultural competences and open-mindedness. It is also a great opportunity to travel to other European destinations, not only for fun but also for learning!

For all young people participating, a 3D Exchange represents a great opportunity to expand horizons, get out of their comfort zone, and be immersed in an international environment (for some of them for the first time).

By being exposed to intercultural education, participants will increase awareness of the themselves and the Other, develop personal and social skills.