Coloured Glasses Goes to Voluntaria

Voluntaria by the Pool with Coloured Glasses
This August, 70 YFUers at Voluntaria in Czech Republic got a crash course in Coloured Glasses, including the New Coloured Glasses Educational Framework!

Introductions and New Experiences in Coloured Glasses at Voluntaria

Voluntaria is a unique event that brings together YFU Volunteers to celebrate volunteering, have fun, discuss and work on YFU issues, and learn from another.  It’s like buffet with something for everyone!  The first edition of Voluntaria took place from 16 to 21 August in Czech Republic, with the theme of 21st Century Intercultural Challenges.  As a part of this theme, the second day of Voluntaria included a long workshop for all participants on Coloured Glasses.  Participants were introduced to what it is (in many YFU organisations, Coloured Glasses doesn’t exist yet), how it fits into the YFU Mission and what the educational framework of Coloured Glasses is.  They got to experience three different workshops on new themes within the framework and then debriefed on how Coloured Glasses and reaching out to schools fits into the mission, values and work of YFU.

Voluntaria Contributing to Colour Our World

Participants at Voluntaria also got to learn about how they can get involved and about EEE-YFU’s large project in 2016, Colour Our World.  The two trainers at Voluntaria, Erik Furberg and Judith Huchauer, were participants at the Colour Our World training course in Spain last May.  They are now getting ready to become Flying Trainers to fly all over Europe (along with the 21 other participants in Spain) to deliver Local Launch Events.  The participants at Voluntaria learned about the Local Launch Events and how they can become a part of a growing movement in YFU!

Making Coloured Glasses Even Better

One of the coolest parts of Coloured Glasses at Voluntaria this year was how it was able to contribute to larger processes going on within YFU.  Feedback from the practical Coloured Glasses at Voluntaria was passed on to the Revision Team that is rewriting the Coloured Glasses manual to be published this October.  New Coloured Glasses trainers (Judith and Erik) got even more experience than before.  And may best of all, now more volunteers than ever are excited about Coloured Glasses and motivated to become part of this important work in YFU.