Coloured Glasses Launch Events: Coming to a City Near You!

Coloured Glasses Untangling Culture Pupils in the ClassroomLast May, YFUers from four continents converged upon Valencia in Spain to become Coloured Glasses Trainers.  They learned about the new Coloured Glasses Educational Framework, developed training skills, got up to date on intercultural learning and global citizenship education theories and practice delivering workshops in local Spanish schools.  But the next step of Colour Our World is even more exciting!  The participants from Valencia, now Coloured Glasses Trainers, will become Flying Trainers and fly all over Europe to organise Local Launch Events.

Spreading Coloured Glasses through Local Launch Events

Coloured Glasses Local Launch Events are essentially 3-day trainings for Coloured Glasses facilitators, with a practical element of delivery of Coloured Glasses workshops at local high schools (on a Monday following the weekend training). The minimum number of participants is 5.  Two Coloured Glasses trainers would come to deliver a training for Coloured Glasses facilitators that will take place on the Saturday and Sunday of each Local Launch Event.   Their travel is reimbursed fully by EEE-YFU.  Additionally, EEE-YFU will reimburse 50% of organisational costs, up to 500 euros maximum (for costs of 1000 eur). You can learn more about how the financing works in the specific funding guidelines.

Expanding Coloured Glasses with Quality

The curriculum for Local Launch Events will be fairly homogeneous for all organisations involved and is based upon a trainer and facilitator certification framework EEE-YFU is developing.  This means that the Launch Events will be the introduction of a brand new Coloured Glasses Educational Framework that is more in line with the new YFU Educational Goals and that all the launch events will support developing a minimum level of knowledge and skills among facilitators who deliver Coloured Glasses.

Setting up a Coloured Glasses Launch Event in Your Organisation

Coloured Glasses Intercultural Theory Workshop Launch EventIf you are interested in bringing Local Launch Events to your organisation, please contact directly the Local Launch Events Co-ordinator, Stefan Manevski, at It is enough to send an “I am interested” email and Stefan will follow up with you.