EU to Support YFU to Expand Coloured Glasses

Coloured Glasses YFU-EU PartnershipEEE-YFU just learned that it won an EU funding bid for expanding Coloured Glasses in a major project with a total budget of over 360,000 euros during 2017 and 2018.

Last May, EEE-YFU, along with 7 YFU organisations, Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU), the Organising Bureau of School Student Unions (OBESSU) and the Fern Universität submitted a funding proposal to expand Coloured Glasses.  YEU will provide additional training and e-learning development expertise, OBESSU will help reach out to schools through school student unions and the Fern Universität will support research.

Main Activities to Scale Up Coloured Glasses

During the two year period, there will be part-time regional co-ordinators in the participating YFU organisations who will develop new local Coloured Glasses volunteer groups, co-ordinating workshop delivery and training the new volunteers.  Overall, the project will seek to accomplish to main aims: 1) Upscale Coloured Glasses through new and strengthened geographies at grassroots level; and 2) Upscale through pedagogical adaptation to new target audiences.

Over the course 2017 and 2018, there will be

  • an international training for trainers for Coloured Glasses regional co-ordinators,
  • e-learning modules for local volunteers’ knowledge development,
  • two regional training courses per region for local coloured glasses facilitators – with flying trainers,
  • development of standard Coloured Glasses intercultural education workshop online evaluation tools,
  • creation of new content for two new Coloured Glasses manuals targeting teachers and youth workers,
  • pilot testing workshops targeting teachers and youth workers in two countries,
  • translation of the manual into six languages,
  • a scientific study on the impact of Coloured Glasses workshops on the development of intercultural competences in individuals in schools, and
  • an international level conference on intercultural education in schools and youth work for practitioners and policy makers.

Aside from setting up the next steps for the project, EEE-YFU will also look into ways that other YFU organisations can benefit from the project, for example through additional co-funding through fundraising.  We are excited for the next steps to launch Coloured Glasses into new countries and at an unprecedented level!