Local Launch Event YFU Sweden


Thirteen young YFU Volunteers participated in the Swedish Local Launch Event in Uppsala, eager to become new Coloured Glasses facilitators.


The Local Launch event hosted by YFU Sweden, took place in Uppsala, Sweden between the 9th and 12th of December 2016. The thirteen participants were a well balanced mix of experienced Swedish volunteers and new volunteers who just came back from their exchange year in 2015/2016.

The trainers present at this Local Launch Event were Erik Furberg from YFU Sweden, Sina Riz à Porta from YFU Switzerland and Evelin Meier, a German intern in the YFU Sweden office.

The activity started with a session about the Coloured Glasses background, continuing with the theories (Intercultural, Global Citizenship, Human Rights, etc) behind the Coloured Glasses Framework. After lunch and some refreshing energisers, the participants got familiar with the concept of Non-Formal Education which is very helpful for creating Coloured Glasses workshops. Even though the first day contained a lot of theory, the participants found it very helpful to understand the thoughts behind the Coloured Glasses concept: “I found the sessions about the thoughts and theories behind CG the most inspiring and also this was the workshop where I learned the most, as I can now understand the workshop in a whole other way”.

The second day started early with a more practical approach. The participants worked on improving their communication and public speaking skills, learned about the group dynamics between the participants of their CG Workshops, strengthened their facilitation and debriefing skills and learned to work with the Coloured Glasses Manual. The last part of the day was reserved for preparing for the workshop they delivered in a local high school during the last day of the event.

The workshop on Monday went very well and the new facilitators received great feedback from the teachers at the local school and from the CG Trainers. The participants appreciated having the first workshop right after the training and putting theory into practice.

After the workshop they had a last feedback session where they could make suggestions to improve YFU Events and discuss how they are going to use the newly acquired skills. All of them showed enthusiasm about continuing organising Coloured Glasses workshops in local schools and promoting YFU.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.