Coloured Glasses Goes to Roverway 2016

Coloured Glasses at Roverway 2016 Debriefing in Forest

As part of EEE-YFU’s ongoing partnership with the Scouts, volunteers from YFU France & YFU Sweden went to Roverway 2016 in France to deliver and test new Coloured Glasses workshops, alongside 5,000 scouts!

The team of YFU volunteers worked with around 150 Scouts between 15 and 17 years old on topics of intercultural learning and global citizenship. It all started with an invitation from the European Scouts to EEE-YFU to participate in Roverway. A small team was then formed between YFU Sweden and YFU France, especially as these organisations will host the YES, YFU’s largest event, respectively in 2017 and 2018.

Setting the Stage and Getting Ready for Roverway

We had the chance to sit down the Erik Furberg from YFU Sweden to talk about his experience at Roverway. Erik got involved because he’s one of the few people in Sweden with good Coloured Glasses knowledge and is aware of all the new projects around Coloured Glasses that are happening at international level. “Kerstin [the YFU Sweden National Director] called me one day and asked me if I wanted to go to France and facilitate workshops for 5,000 scouts. After a minute considering, I said ‘yes’!”

Erik was one of the participants at the Colour Our World training course in Spain and got the Coloured Glasses bug there. “What was amazing for me is, coming back from Spain, I was really excited to start working on Coloured Glasses. The trainer team did a great job training us and making us excited. It was great to work with Anne Beaumont from the Revision Team, creating new workshops from the new framework. It was on another level compared to the training course in Spain. I put so much time into those workshops to perfect them, and in the end, they turned out great!”

The Franco-Swedish Team of Coloured Glasses Facilitators

Erik was joined by a great YFU France team, composed of Anne Beaumont, Yorick Vinesse, Clara Fiorio, and Céline Wayne. Since the Coloured Glasses Training for Trainers in July 2015, YFU France has been working hard to train additional volunteers and spread Coloured Glasses in their network.

“We all had different schedules leading up to Paris, so it was a challenge to meet up and work. But we worked efficiently and managed to do a lot the night before. [Then we] slept a few hours and the next morning did 3 workshops before lunch. Boom! We went straight into it. It was so nice, coming from the stress of how it was going to work, but in the end it was so fun to facilitate. All the hard work we put into it came to life and the great workshops ended with really cool debriefings that dealt with topics that Coloured Glasses never dealt with before. We gave a lot of feedback to each other’s’ workshops and we quickly became a tight team. We worked great together!”


Roverway is somewhat the Scouts’ version of Voluntaria and the YES all wrapped up in one event, but with 5,000 Scouts and about 500 volunteers. Erik, Anne, Yorick, Clara and Céline were impressed by the amazing organisation and amazing spirit at Roverway and how much they felt at home there with the YFU values. They even started to learn the Roverway danse after a few nights there!

“This event Roverway created this amazing big international stage and a great opportunity for YFU to be shown and to spread our message among many people from all corners of Europe. It was also a great place to try out, learn and work on Coloured Glasses to improve it and take it in good directions. It was the perfect place for this, especially to give input to the Revision Team.”

Coloured Glasses and Global Citizenship

“I have so much faith in the Coloured Glasses work and so much motivation to realize the plans we have for it. It was truly amazing for me to be at the forefront of our new work in this field. Creating new workshops in a new framework, being there with a member of the Revision Team, trying new things, making mistakes, getting feedback and really getting your hands dirty.”

“The whole camp was set up as a form of motivation for young people to see world problems, be the hero of their own stories and act to prevent the problems they see in the world. It was basically about creating global citizens. Coloured Glasses fits perfectly into this.”