My Question, Your Story – The Global Citizenship Campaign is happening!

 The complete story, the people involved and the next steps of this amazing Campaign.


The Global Citizenship Campaign aims to fight against discrimination, exclusion and the culture of division by creating local connections for global affection. By doing so we also aim to increase the number of young active global citizens who engage in creating more inclusive and peaceful societies. The Global Citizenship Campaign will reach those who are usually not that much involved with YFU’s intercultural programmes – the general public, younger and older members of local communities. With this Campaign we would like to go broader than schools and students (though we want to involve them too), we would like to draw the attention of a diverse crowd with a variety of backgrounds towards the goal of being better global citizens.

What happened at the Changemakers Academy?

The Campaign Track at the Changemakers Academy

 During the Changemakers Academy, 15 young people received an in-depth training not only on Global Citizenship and Leadership but also on Campaigning. A specific time was devoted towards creating the common vision for the Campaign, developing the framework, giving it a name and a more focused direction. The Global Citizenship Campaign should essentially be devoted to inspire standing up against all forms of discrimination and give voice to the oppressed ones – for a dignified treatment of oneself and others.

At the same time, it was up to young people to recognise what exactly within these topics is relevant in their local communities, which action is most likely to create the ripples of Global Waves for impact and shake the ground with new attitudes. This way we could assure that the chosen focus will reflect the local needs and the Campaigners will feel the ownership of the ideas.


How will the Global Citizenship Campaign look like?

It will mostly involve European countries, however, several actions will also be undertaken in Latin America.

Essentially, the Global Citizenship Campaign is a YFU campaign that will engage YFU volunteers around the world in their local communities through actions that celebrate diversity, while addressing local issues related to xenophobia and discrimination. It will mostly involve European countries, however, several actions will also be undertaken in Latin America.

The Campaign has the purpose of facilitating local connections and getting to know the stories of people whom we usually just pass by, in order to understand them better, break the initial distance and embrace the diversity of local communities.

The Global Citizenship Campaign activities will take place between October and December 2017 in at least 10 different countries and 15-20 locations. Each location will hold a one-day event in a public space, at one point during the above-mentioned months. The date and the particular setup of each event will vary, depending on the resources at each location, but all of them will have one main activity in common.

The main activity will involve volunteers asking passers-by a question and recording/taking notes of the answer to publish these on the Campaign’s Facebook page and Campaign webpage. The questions will be related to diversity and global citizenship, raising awareness on discriminatory behaviours and giving people the opportunity of telling their story. The official questions which have been chosen by the Core Team and the Local Organizers are:

1. How do you include people that normally aren’t included?
2. What kind of “labels” do you get called by that you really dislike?
3. What makes you feel loved and appreciated?
4. If a golden fish could grant you one wish, what would you choose and why?

Other types of activities that could take place during a local event include forum theatre, street art, games connected to global citizenship, having an open living room, human library, calculating one’s CO2 footprint, etc.


Who are the Campaign Leaders?

During Changemakers Academy, 3 of the Campaign Leaders were selected. They are Michael-Elver Sørensen from YFU Denmark,  Katherine Montenegro from YFU Uruguay, Johanna Burström from YFU Sweden. In September the team got bigger with Kaja Kindjic from YFU Serbia, Zuzanna Nowak form YFU Poland and Regi Malmgart from YFU Denmark joining them.

The team leader, or The Captain of the Boat, is Johanna, Michael and Kaja are in charge of social media and promotion, thus the Social Media Magicians and Zuzanna, Regi and Katherine are the Local Organizer Ferries, supporting the Local Organizers with their events.



You can get all the information about the Local Events from the campaign’s Facebook page!

We are very excited about this Campaign, and we hope to see as many YFU Volunteers as possible taking part in it. Our chance to become engaged Global Citizens is here! Big thanks to the team for making it possible! If you want to join or you need more details, just contact Johanna at!

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.