Voluntaria 2016

Imagine a YFU dream come true, a place where experience, creativity, dedication and fun join together.
This summer, this dream came reality when around 50 volunteers from different YFU organisations from all over the world gathered by a beautiful Czech riverside from the 16th to the 21st of August; celebrating volunteering and passing forward the YFU movement!

Everyone created their own personal Voluntaria experience; combining contemporary challenges within the theme “21st Century Intercultural Challenges”, the development of YFU as an organization, and not least enjoying the space to network and make new international YFU friends.

Focusing both on personal growth as well as developing local and international YFU projects together with other dedicated volunteers, this event was there to live out the YFU values.

Bringing some of the most committed and excited YFUers from all over the world together in a range of different workshops and activities, our week together took our organisation and what it means to be a volunteer to a whole new level!

When & Where

16 to 21 August 2016 | Czech Republic

Arrival: Any time on the 16th
Departure: Any time on the 21st


  • experienced volunteers (at least 2 years ) and be nominated by their national organisations
  • volunteers of all ages
  • global participants are welcome too!
  • 60 to 70 participants
  • be able to participate in English