Celebrating Volunteering, Voluntaria 2017 will bring together over 100 volunteers from across YFU in France from 15 to 20 August to explore the topic of Global Citizenship, have fun, be creative and contribute to developing YFU from the ground up!

In 2017, with Voluntaria off to an amazing start, EEE-YFU will have a second edition Voluntaria – this time with the main theme of Global Citizenship. Since Global Citizenship Education as a concept is relatively new for the YFU Network, Voluntaria will be a perfect place to spread the information about it and increase the competence in this field of as many young people who volunteer for YFU as possible.

Voluntaria will strengthen the international network of YFU volunteers, by creating bonds of friendship across borders, fostering innovative international grassroots-level co-operation, and by developing YFU’s local work in the field of Global Citizenship Education.

This educational event is made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe
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