The Voluntarian #3

Workshops- Time flies

Another day has past and we have only few days left at Voluntaria. The third day was a bit different because the day started with a three hour workshop. The participants had the choice between Volunteer Management, News Literacy and Immigration and Social Inclusion. Even though the sessions were a lot longer, the participants felt like the time flew by faster than ever before which just proves the quality of the workshops offered at Voluntaria.

Fun by the pool

The long lunch break was once again spent by the pool enjoying sunshine, playing ultimate frisbee in the water and trying to guess languages of different songs. We have to send a thank-you-note to the weatherman up there because the weather has been nothing but amazing during our stay here.

Ideas to reality

After lunch we had a very interesting session about how to fund your project. Voluntaria does not only offer the participants a space to be creative and come up with new and innovative ideas but it also helps them to follow through with the projects. Many projects that could had changed the world died due to lack of funding. Our Project Coordinator Brian explained how the funding through Erasmus+ and the Council of Europe works and which aspects need to be kept in mind while approaching a certain institution for funding.

Space to create

Also the Open Space session continued. Some topics that were discussed the day before had come to an end and fewer amount of topics gave the participants the opportunity to spend more time discussing different issues. One interesting topic that has been discussed for two days and will probably also continue for the third time is Voluntaria 2017. It will be even bigger, better and richer in terms of content so you have something to look forward to!

Evening of inspriation

The evening choice of workshops was between Marketing, McDonaldization and HIIT where people could sweat out all of their calories. The last session of the day was a plenary session with one of the most inspiring guest speakers ever! Sara Katrine Brandt from Denmark/South Africa talked about being the change in the society, taking action and fighting for those who can`t do it by themselves. She is a true sensation and we can`t be happier that she found the time to join Voluntaria!


Write to you tomorrow!

The Voluntarian