Changemakers Academy DAY 4!- Working in Tracks

The participants started the work in two different tracks: Educational and Campaign Track.

For the first time since the training started, the participants were split into their tracks.

The Educational Track attended a presentation about the newly revised LOOP (Learning Outcomes for Orientation Programmes), where the new concepts and structure were explained by three members of the Revision Team, Gabriella, Veronika and Camila. Afterwards, the group focused on the YFU Educational Goals and on Learning Styles and Cycle. Debriefing and Visual Facilitation were also important parts of the sessions.

The Campaign Track started with a session on “Campaign Types”. The participants discussed definitions of campaign, targets and tactics( protest, social media etc.). They found out what social media platforms are useful for an efficient campaign and watched some examples of well known international movements. In the next session, “Build a movement”, the future campaigners brainstormed about the vision and objectives of a campaign and which are the problems that usually appear. They also tested their Social Media knowledge with a quiz.

For the last session of the day, “Public Speaking”, the two tracks were reunited and the changemakers practised their communication skills.  They also had time to practise their speech for the “TEDex Morning”, the first session of day 5!


This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.