Changemakers Academy DAY 5!- TEDx and Practice

The 5th day created an opportunity to practice for both Tracks!


The TEDx Morning gave the Changemakers the perfect opportunity to put in practice what they learned about public speaking. Afterwards, the two Tracks, Educational and Campaign, continued their work.


In the Educational Track,  the participants defined their training style, strengths and weaknesses. They also got to know the specifics of working with and within educational teams – running meetings, online collaboration tools,etc. In addition, the Educational track learned about NAOMMIE (model for developing training sessions (needs, aims, objectives, methodology, methods, implementation and evaluation). Each step of planning was explored in detail, with examples and exercises.

In the next sessions the Educational track were all about practice! The participants started preparing the curriculum for a 3-day cross-border training, keeping in mind what they’ve learned throughout the week. They received a list of topics to cover and were invited to analyse further the needs of all parties involved and find additional elements to be included. While doing so, they analysed what was most useful for them and what new orientation leaders need to know and be able to do, in order to run orientations aligned with the refreshed LOOP, Global citizenship component and the new YFU Educational Goals. They created the flow corresponding to the needs, aims and objectives.


The Campaign Track  got to know the techniques for planning and running a campaign, received tools for Campaign Development, and learned about Campaign Strategy elements. In the next session, the participants explored the power of storytelling for Campaign success and impact. Different channels where stories can be used to evoke interest and compel others to join were explored and they practised. 

The participants of the Campaign Track also had time for practice. During the the “Project Incubator”, they prepared a concrete framework & strategy for a Global Citizenship Campaign to be carried out in 10 countries, think of possible issues and topics to be addressed, which are most relevant for their communities and lives. They had time to prepare and present the Campaign until the next day, after lunch.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.