Changemakers Academy DAY 6!- Look into the Future


The Last Day of the Changemakers Academy was marked by final presentations and plans about the future!

The first part of the day caught the participants still busy with their preparations. Both the Educational and the Campaign Track had to present their work after lunch.

First, the Global Citizenship Campaign was presented. The Campaign will aim to create local connections to fight against discrimination of any kind.


The Campaign Leaders ( Katherine, Maik, Michael, Erik and Johanna) will create a wall in a public space in 10 different countries with a mirror and a big screen, showing the social media newsfeed. On the wall, people will find questions about culture and identity and they will be invited to have coffee, tea or mate, answer some of those questions and be challenged to post the conversation on social media and take a picture with a stranger. You can find more details about the campaign itself here!

The Educational Track continued, by presenting what was new about the LOOP. Briefly explained, the new LOOP uses a 3-D (some would say 4-D) concept splitting the whole learning experience in Learning Outcomes (LOs) according to stakeholders (Students, Host Families, Natural Families) and time of the exchange experience (type of orientation: PDO – Pre-Departure Orientation – PAO – Post-Arrival Orientation – MYO – Mid-Year Orientation – RE – Re-Entry – PEO – Post-Exchange Orientation).

The three dimensions are vertical (LO´s per orientation), horizontal (development over time of different orientations) and diagonal (overall gain of ASK (attitude, skill, knowledge)). 4th dimension, if willing to get more complex, is the interconnection between the three stakeholders of students, host families and natural families.

The Educational Track also presented the curriculum they prepared for a 3-day cross-border training. This curriculum will be used for the Regional Trainings in Autumn, when the participants of the Educational Track will train YFU Volunteers to deliver orientations according to the new LOOP.

After everyone was done presenting the outcomes of the week, it was time for the closing session. The participants had some time to reflect about what knowledge and skills they gained and to prepare a Personal Action Plan. They also planned with other participants from respective tracks the follow-up actions and explored possibilities of peer-to-peer support. 

After a quick round of feedback and emotional goodbye words, the training ended. In the evening we all gathered one last time to watch the Eurovision Contest, before heading back home.


This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.