LOOP Implementation Manual is ready!

Get to know the new LOOP Implementation Manual – it’s worth it!

As you probably know, LOOP (Learning Outcomes for YFU Orientation Programmes) was developed some years ago to align the educational content and learning from orientations across YFU organisations and to ensure that we act as one global community.

LOOP clearly defines learning outcomes (LOs) to be reached during YFU orientations; it describes the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students, host families and natural families should gain as a result of their participation.

However, with the new global YFU mission statement as well as re-defined YFU Educational Goals, new concepts of culture and focus on Global Citizenship, LOOP needed revision.

Therefore, the LOOP Implementation Manual, whose main aim is to help organisations understand LOOP and see how it could be introduced in their organization, was created. The Manual is a valuable educational resource for the whole YFU community and we do hope it will be used extensively around the globe!

It can be found on EEE-YFU website in the section Educational Materials.

The LOOP Implementation Manual includes information about the history of LOOP and reasons
for its development, as well as new LOOP grids and explanation on how they can be used while designing orientations. It also provides insights into key concepts and terminology used in the grids as well as helpful tips for LOOP implementation and examples of orientation sessions aligned with LOOP. Finally, the Annex guides through developing educational sessions from scratch.

The LOOP Revision and Manual creation was part of a bigger  EEE-YFU project in 2017 called Global Waves for Local Impact, which also included 3 regional trainings on LOOP implementation that gathered around 50 participants in Poland, Switzerland and Belgium.

EEE-YFU would like to recognise and appreciate the international team of people involved in the process, who put their heart, energy and countless hours into revising LOOP and developing the Manual.


A heartfelt “Thank You” goes to the LOOP Revision & Manual Team, which represents 3 continents:

Carlos Bustamante, Sandra Holmberg, Steven Jakobsen, Cihan Kilic, Veronika Kissiova, Gabriella Lajtos (Team Co-ordinator), Camila Pardo, Mareike Schwartz and Patricio Zorrilla


As well as Advisors:

Cornelius Görres, Martin Robiru, Dorothea Schmidt, Christian Walker

and Volunteers who helped with their valuable insights and experience:

Martina Flaherty, Joachim Garbecht, Dana Goin, Matthias Meiering, Florencia Pugnaloni, Lucas Sotello, Facundo Stanic, Erik Sundberg

Thanks to You we can take one step further towards running our programmes as one global community!


If you would like to contact persons involved with the development of the Manual (revision team, advisors), please write to Marzena at marzena@eee-yfu.org

The creation of the LOOP Implementation Manual was made possible through the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.