Colour Our World: Coloured Glasses Capacity Building


Colour Our World aims to build capacity and spread Coloured Glasses workshops throughout YFU

An Exciting New Multi-Phase Project

The project consists of 2 main parts:

  1. Colour Our World training course for Coloured Glasses Trainers
  2. Local Coloured Glasses Launch Events, aiming to reach at least 10 new organisations who have not worked before with Coloured Glasses

The project starts with Colour Our World training course – a practical training of trainers combined with getting to know the Coloured Glasses framework. This training course will make it possible to train multipliers who will train others in facilitation of Coloured Glasses workshops.

The Local Launch Events in the autumn 2016 will enable organisations / regions to start running Coloured Glasses workshops in local schools. This will be achieved through an intense 3-day local training course prepared by the participants of European level Colour Our World training course, which will include a supervised visit to a local school.

The project will be accompanied by the revision of the content of Coloured Glasses Manual and will use the opportunity to further spread interest about Coloured Glasses and prepare for Local CG Launch Events during Voluntaria.

  • Interested in your volunteers/staff receiving intensive training in Coloured Glasses? Distribute the Call For Particicipants
  • Interested in building up Coloured Glasses in your country or in a specific volunteer chapter/region?
    Send an e-mail to Marzena ( to inform her of your interest
  • Interested in helping with the revision of Coloured Glasses Manual? Here is the Application to be part of the Revision Team!

The deadline for applications is February 28.

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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