Local Launch Event in Denmark

YFU Denmark welcomed 14 participants for the Coloured Glasses Local Launch Event

The trainers present at this Local Launch Event were Amanda Vedsted Drejer, Signe Schønning and Freja Maas from Denmark and Laura Nolvak from Estonia.

Having Laura come over from Estonia was truly helpful for the event, giving an outside perspective and bringing new practises from her National Organisation. It was also a great opportunity for the trainers to see each other again after their initial Colour Our World Training Course in Spain. All participants arrived on Friday, and the team spent the evening getting to know each other over dinner in an informal atmosphere.

During the first day, the participants got familiar with Intercultural Theories, non-formal education and basic Human Rights notions. They were very motivated to learn as much as possible about the Coloured Glasses concept and were very pleased to discover the Coloured Glasses Manual. They described it as very helpful and a great source of inspiration for insightful workshops.

“Coloured Glasses” Trainers’ Team

The second day of the Local Launch was more practical. Participants got to work on their communication, debriefing and facilitation skills and learned a lot about group dynamics which they found very useful: “The group dynamic model really helped me see what I can do to make a group work”. Another appreciated session was the one about teamwork and also “power posing” and how to turn it in your favour.

Since the participants did not have the opportunity to practice their skills at a local school they each prepared a session and presented it in front of the others. This was indeed a good practice for them and they received immediate feedback from the trainers.

In order to use their newly acquired skills, they set up a plan to get in touch with local high schools and offer Coloured Glasses workshops.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.