Local Launch Event YFU Georgia

The 10th Local Launch Event took place in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi and brought together 8 enthusiastic participants.

The last Local Launch Event took place at a downtown school in Tbilisi, where the office of YFU Georgia is located. The Coloured Glasses Trainers, Lorenzo Lodigiani from Italy and Anna-Lena Fricke from Germany divided the workshops according to their experience, in order to deliver the best possible outcomes. Lorenzo held the Simulation workshops which included, for example, Coloured Glasses content or Group Dynamics and Anna-Lena held the Public Speaking workshop, worked with the participants to strengthen their debriefing and facilitation skills and gave guidelines on how to constructively report and evaluate.

Dividing the tasks like this made it easy for trainers to follow the schedule and the participants appreciated their facilitation skills. During the breaks, the Georgian office provided a cosy space where the participants and trainers could relax and bond over the homemade cookies provided by the National Director, Davit Mikaberidze.

During the last day of the training, the newly trained facilitators delivered their first Coloured Glasses workshops in the same local school with great results. Most of the topics discussed were put into practice brilliantly and after the training students from other classes approached the Georgian facilitators asking them if and when they will organise the same activities for their classes. That was the best sign that the Coloured Glasses workshops were very much appreciated and it inspired the facilitators to develop their own techniques and exercises for their workshops, using the Coloured Glasses Manual.

The biggest surprise was that not all the students in the local high school spoke English, so the new CG facilitators had to deliver some information in Georgian, but the trainers who supervised the delivery still understood everything the facilitators did. Lorenzo noted “at the end of the day we have been able to visually understand where the practice was going and what they were doing. The language could have been indeed a way bigger barrier if they would have been static but they kept things very active. We were very proud”.

The Local Launch Event ended with a round of feedback and all participants promised to send details about their future trainings. We wish them the best of luck!

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.