Local Launch Event YFU Spain


Thirteen international YFU volunteers participated in the Local Launch Event in Spain. They were excited to learn all about Coloured Glasses!

The Local Launch Event took place in the heart of Spain, Madrid, between the 19th and  21st of November 2016. The participants originated from Spain, France Germany, Uruguay, Switzerland and Ecuador, making the team quite international.

The Coloured Glasses Trainers present at this Local Launch Event were Pamela Pilawa from YFU Spain, Sara Klingebiel from YFU Germany and Charlotte Thommen from YFU Spain.

After getting to know each other, the volunteers enjoyed a variety of activities on different topics. They received information about Human Rights Theory, Global Citizenship Theory and Intercultural Theory, which are the foundation of the Coloured Glasses Framework. The next workshop focused on the concept of Non-Formal Education. After a short coffee break, they became familiar with the Coloured Glasses concept and its Educational Framework.

During the second day, the participants took part in practical workshops such as public speaking, learning cycle and group dynamics. They also worked on developing their debriefing, communication, reporting and evaluation skills. At the end of the day all participants agreed that these workshops were very helpful for their personal and professional development.

Even though the participants were from very different backgrounds, they worked together very well, exchanging opinions, sharing practices and experiences from their countries and getting to know about Coloured Glasses in detail. One participant noted: “There was a really good balance between their intervention and the fact that we were a multicultural group really opened interesting topics of discussion, with different perceptions.”


During the last day, after being introduced to the whole concept of Coloured Glasses Workshops, using the Manual for Intercultural & Global Citizenship Education, the participants prepared a Simulation for a Coloured Glasses workshop. Here they could really put to use the new information acquired during the last two days and they understood all the practical challenges that could arise while preparing and running such a workshop. The Simulation Session was regarded by many as the best part of the whole event: “I found the practical session – preparing an actual CG session – most useful, because it allowed us to see what we already knew or on the contrary what was missing to achieve the workshop in a better way.”

At the end of the Local Launch Event all the participants were excited to go to local schools and put in practice what they learned. They created several groups on social platforms like Facebook and Whats’up, to help them keep in touch and prepare Coloured Glasses Sessions in the future.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.