Let’s Grow Together Reloaded – the 2018 Edition kicks off!

Let’s Grow Together Reloaded – the 2018 Edition

In a nutshell, what is this project about?

Let’s Grow Together Reloaded aims to develop national YFU organisations’ capacity to have strong and sustainable networks of impactful and competent youth leaders contributing to high quality of YFU intercultural programmes. It is designed with volunteer leaders in mind, anyone whose task is to grow or revive volunteer regions and make them flourish.The multi-measure project includes 2 training courses, a Job Shadowing and the creation of an e-learning course for volunteer leaders.

For 2018, the specific objectives of this year-long project are (again) to:

  • develop and strengthen local YFU volunteer chapters in at least 10 regions;
  • support local volunteers to develop competencies needed to create, develop and lead local volunteer chapters;
  • develop the e-learning programme on volunteer chapter development for volunteer leaders
  • disseminate the Council of Europe Youth Work Portfolio as a tool that helps to assess youth work competence

Let’s Grow Together Reloaded has the following structure:

  • 1st Training Course for Volunteer Leaders: Let’s Plant! 17-22 April 2018

During this training course participants will acquire the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to successfully start organizing volunteer chapters or revive existing ones. The results of this training will be volunteer chapters’ development action plans as well as well-defined youth workers’ competencies that each participant wishes to improve. These outputs will be important prerequisites for setting learning objectives for Job Shadowing and finding an appropriate placement opportunity for every participant.

  • Job Shadowing (May – December 2018)

Job Shadowing will enable getting to know best practices from other volunteer regions / local chapters, learning by doing and observation, peer support and inspiration to update and improve chapter development plans.

  • 2nd Training Course for Youth Leaders: Let’s Harvest! 4-9 December 2018

This training course will make it possible to analyse and evaluate the development of regions, adjust the chapter development plans and re-assess the personal learning as youth workers, while also providing new learning opportunities and filling the gaps in skills and knowledge

  • Creation of the e-learning programme

The e-learning programme on volunteer chapter development will be developed in collaboration with experienced ETN members and feed-backed by participants of Let’s Grow Together Reloaded as well as experienced trainers from YFU’s international community. It aims to develop similar competencies as Let’s Plant! and Let’s Harvest! combined together and will be available in 2019. This e-learning programme will help to increase the outreach and impact of the work plan beyond the initial set of participants and participating countries, extending the beneficiaries to hundreds of volunteers and youth workers from various organisations worldwide.


The target group of this training course are local volunteer leaders, and more specifically: volunteers wishing to develop / revive a certain region and create local chapters (build volunteer base, increase the outreach and visibility, etc). We would ideally like to have at least 2 participants from each country as we believe there is a higher probability for sustainable growth of the regions if participants from the same organisation can support and motivate each other. Please note that participants need to be available to attend both trainings and the job shadowing.

The call for participants, which provides additional information regarding the fees and conditions, can be found HERE 


The application deadline is February 19th.


This project is made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.