Let’s Grow Together – Make it work!

lets'grow-together-feedback-sessionTake a Leap – Make it work!

Day 3 in participants’ eyes:

“Day three was the day of Action and Practice!

In the beginning, we experienced how challenging the passing on of a messages could be (especially if you are pantomiming). Communication is all about a sender and a receiver and via role play we discovered how uncomfortable it could be to talk to someone who isn’t paying any attention and how to be a perfect listener as well.

Before Lunch we went outside to practice our active listening and feedback skills. There, we also had some unexpected young and curious “participants”. Looks like we’re inspiring new generations to learn!

How to give feedback? Make sure it is constructive, specific and honest and that you offer it when the receiver is open for it. While receiving Feedback (which is actually a gift) you can find out your blind spots (for more information google Johari Window).

As we want to work on our action plans it is important to have project management skills and therefore you should never forget to evaluate and follow up on your milestones. After that reminder, we got the chance to adjust our action plans, *whoop whoop* (meaning we’re excited)!

Did you know that…

  • a lot of misunderstandings can happen while passing on information
  • you should be actively listening like a PEAR (Paraphrasing, Encouraging, Giving Attention, Reflecting)
  • negative and positive Feedback doesn’t exist, there is only Feedback (or better: Feedforward)
  • you can come up with very creative ways of clapping
  • session outdoors refreshes your mind
  • in Switzerland there is unlimited resources of chocolate
  • you can feed(back) somebody with a sandwich (what did you appreciate and like, what could be improved, encouragement)

We’re ready to Look into the Future!

Flurina, Hanna, Zélie, Tamara, Katariná