Let’s Grow Together – Reality check!

lets-grow-together-eee-yfuLet’s Grow Together – Reality check!

Curious about Take a Leap! Training? Take a peak into a participant life!

“19 participants from 8 countries, 9 countries visited during job shadowings, one common goal – to grow a new garden!


So were we, back in March 2015, when we first met up in Serbia during “Go Local!”, the first part of the project called Let’s Grow Together.

During the following seven months each of us worked on putting into action our plans regarding regional development, which among ourselves we came to call our flourishing gardens. What did we want to do? Some of us wanted to build effective local teams of volunteers, others worked on the motivation system for volunteers or wanted to increase the local outreach to host families and co-operation with schools.

We all had the opportunity to go abroad to visit other gardens as well and learn how other gardeners motivate their teams, structure the work at the local or national level, organise school campaigns, promote YFU programmes and organise orientations.

Having learned a lot, also the things we did not expect, we now find ourselves in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, reflecting on the journey, celebrating successes and conquering obstacles together.

Did you know that:

  • combining the well-developed volunteer structure of YFU Switzerland with the spontaneity and flexibility of YFU Estonia, you would have something beyond imaginable (quote: “freaking awesome”)?
  • there is a ghost in the YFU Denmark house: the spirit of YFU!
  • this summer, a mobile living room was spreading the word of YFU in Bavaria?
  • YFU Estonia has Volunteer Management App?
  • returnees from the 70’s met this summer in Switzerland?

Those are just some of the findings from our reality check today.

We are ready to take a leap into the future!”

Johanna, Patrick, Henri, Kaja, Zane, Claire.