Local Launch Event in Belgium

YFU Flanders, the Flemish YFU Organisation in Belgium hosted the Local Launch Event, offering their volunteers the opportunity to become Coloured Glasses Facilitators

The Local Launch Event took place between the 5th and 7th of November in Mechelen, Belgium. Coloured Glasses trainers from Germany, Caroline Seifert and Judith Huschauer, were very excited to train the new facilitators and gave their best to provide high-quality sessions and received great reviews from participants “Judith and Caro were excellent trainers! They were so motivated to spread the word that it worked very inspiring on us. I hope we can continue to spread this excitement in Flanders!

Since Local Launch Event in Belgium was shorter than the other ones, the trainers concentrated on the core elements. The Coloured Glasses manual was introduced and discussed since that is one of the most useful tools for providing YFU workshops. The participants were a mix of experienced and new volunteers, which was a great opportunity to exchange opinions and practices and also to get the YFU Flanders team closer “Overall, the training had a good flow, was informative for less experienced volunteers and it was inspiring for the experienced ones.”

The first day focused more on theory. Along with the Manual, the participants learned about Intercultural Theory, non-formal education and Coloured Glasses concepts.

The second day was devoted to developing practical, hands-on skills. The participants learned how to deal with group dynamics, strengthened their facilitation, debriefing and communication skills and learned how to give proper feedback.

However, for all the participants, the most engaging was the actual presentation at a local school. They discovered how useful their new skills can be and they became motivated to continue delivering Coloured Glasses their area and more.

After getting feedback from the trainers, participants had the opportunity to express their opinions and suggestion about the Local Launch Events. The feedback was very positive.

“I think that all the training was useful, but especially the preparation of our own workshop. We had the opportunity to think about how we were going to implement a certain theory/idea into a game and how we were going to explain it.”

“I liked all topics, the debriefing part was each time the most inspiring: listening to others and realise things yourself. The most inspiring part was the workshop we had to give in a local school. That’s where it became real.”

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.