Host Family Seminar: Diversity & Intercultural Learning

20-25 November 2012


"Diversity and Intercultural Learning: A Seminar on Host Families" took place from 20-25 November in Helsinki, Finland and was targeted at volunteers and staff involved in the recruitment and management of host families. The aim of the seminar was to increase the capacity of European YFU organisations to include a larger diversity of host families (HF) in exchange programmes.

The objectives of the seminar were to:

  • improve strategies for communication, marketing of HF programs and diversification of recruitment channels (methods, networks) to include a larger diversity of host families
  • find strategies to improve current HF support systems
  • develop an inclusive, educational HF program which adequately prepares families¬†(host parents and host siblings)¬†for hosting experience and bases on the intercultural learning NFE programmes
  • provide space for sharing best practices and challenges in the field of broadly defined HF management
  • strengthen the co-operation between European countries in relation to HF management and supporting the inclusion of HF with economic, social and geographic obstacles into YFU programmes

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