Let's Grow Together

Volunteer Region Development Project

multi-phase training & capacity building project - 2015

This multi-step project aims at developing new / reviving existing volunteer regions.

It is composed of 3 phases: a training course, a job shadowing and the 2nd training course.

Part 1 – GO LOCAL! - Training Course

Let's Grow TogetherThe 1st training course, planned for 10-15 March 2015 in Serbia, will aim to develop basic competences and plan to establish new (or revive old), regional volunteer networks. The programme will include sessions on analysis of the region, leadership and teambuilding, basics of project, organisation and volunteer management, motivating and recruitment. Participants will create action plans to develop the regions.

Part 2 – WALK IN OTHER’s SHOES - Shadowing

The 2nd part of the project foresees online peer work and shadowing. Each of the 2 persons from one region  travels to a different country/region to attend an event which shows how the region is structured and how it works.

Part 3 – TAKE A LEAP - Training Course

The 3rd part of the project reunites all the participants. During this meeting, from 20-25 October 2015 in Romania, the participants will plan how to further develop the region. They will debrief their learning from shadowing & share the adjustments of regional development plans, get to know various volunteer roles & competences needed and explore ways to provide more development opportunities for volunteers. They will also search for ways of partnering with other organisations.

Additional support

The project will be accompanied by creating a high-quality educational resource: Chapter Development & Training Manual, which will include:

  • Step-by-step guide to developing volunteer regions
  • Tools
  • Training modules and sessions on basic volunteer roles
  • Testimonies and advice from local chapter leaders

Target group: 2 participants from each region you would like to develop / revive, who can commit for the whole duration of the project. They should be regional leaders or active volunteers from the region you wish to develop. We believe that working in a team on region development is more likely to be successful than an effort of one person only.

Volunteer Development Manual

During the course of the project, a manual was developed.  Let's Grow Together: A Little Practical Manual for all the Regional Leaders in YFU, is meant for people who don’t have extensive experience in being a leader yet, but who have already been volunteering for YFU in smaller projects. As background information, you can find basic theory on certain topics which are relevant to someone leading a YFU region. We thought that volunteers facing the tasks of developing a region could benefit, first of all, from knowing more about framing their task, analyzing their situation and setting goals (or aims, however you like to call them) for the path to be taken.

This project was made possible through the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

European Youth Foundation Directorate of Youth and Sport European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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