Steering the Ship
Governance Training for Boards

25-29 March 2015

Steering the Ship Board Governance TrainingThe training course “Steering the Ship” aimed to build the capacity of the boards of European YFU organisations to have effective governance through participation of individual board members from multiple YFU organisations.  It addressed the following objectives:

  • Exchange and share board work practices in order to map the diversity of governance functions and practices and structures in YFU organisations;
  • Develop participants’ ability to conceptualize and communicate adequate separation between governance and management functions as well as to define typical roles and responsibilities for board members and NDs;
  • Exchange and learn about concrete tools for board work;
  • Provide space for board members to learn from one another and give a context to their personal board experiences; and
  • Support participants to develop personal board skills development plans and to draft a plan for implementing relevant learning outcomes of the course into board work practices in their own organisation.

This training was made possible through the EU funding in the framework of Erasmus+ programme.  Information about this project can also be found on the Erasmus+ Dissemination Platform.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union