Training for Trainers
TGV – Train. Grow. Volunteer

5-12 July 2015, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

TGVThe main aim of this training course is to improve the quality of YFU educational events through training new YFU facilitators in developing need-based educational activities.

The participants will increase their skills in designing, planning and evaluating training sessions as well as managing group dynamics, working in an intercultural team of trainers with non-formal education methodology and responding to different learning styles. They will also increase their confidence in public speaking, facilitation and delivery of educational sessions. Since an intercultural component is an important part of YFU educational programmes, the participants will undergo the intercultural competence training.

This event will be a basic training for trainers, which will combine the theory, experiential learning and practice. A practical element of this training course will be the preparation (together as a group) of a volunteer weekend training which will be delivered for new volunteers of YFU Switzerland. The participants will need to design the whole flow, decide about the most important topics for fresh YFU volunteers (including the intercultural component), divide the sessions, prepare them in pairs and deliver.


Manual for a Basic Training for YFU volunteers (Local Training Cours), containing all the sessions prepared by participants of TGV.

Target group

Volunteers and staff who wish to become trainers or already have some first training experiences (e.g. leading orientations and workshops), but would like to develop further their training and facilitating skills as well improve their skills in designing workshops and managing group dynamics.


This training is made possible through CH Stiftung - the Foundation for Federal Co-operation.

ch Foundation for Federal Co-operation

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