Filling LOOPholes in Switzerland

During the LOOP Implementation Training in Switzerland, the participants enjoyed working with the new LOOP, playing in giant piles of snow and admiring impressive Swiss landscapes.

The end of November brought the second LOOP Implementation training. This time, participants from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland gathered in Richisau, Switzerland to enjoy one long and exciting YFU educational event, from November 30 until December 3. The trainers that accompanied the participants through the LOOP process were Marzena from EEE-YFU, Evelina from YFU Lithuania, Cihan from YFU Turkey and Henri from YFU Estonia.

After everybody arrived, the participants enjoyed some teambuilding games! Some of the tasks included a snow treasure hunt, building a LOOP snowman and getting ready to welcome LOOP through the LOOP cheer.

After a nice cup of tea ( or coffee) we got down to business! First, the participants got familiar with Global Citizenship Education and the new YFU Educational Goals. Afterwards, they learned about the new concept of culture that YFU is currently using, namely the DUNE model, as opposed to the ICEBERG model, which was used before.

The second day brought the LOOP into our focus! The (almost) final LOOP manual was presented and we learned about the history and concepts behind it. Henri and Marzena, answered the omnipresent questions about the new LOOP: Why is it important to have LOOP? Why was LOOP revised?

After a small exercise with the new LOOP, the participants were divided into 2 groups. The more experienced facilitators went on to learn about Self-coaching, while the other group learned about Non-Formal Education and practised using the Kolb’s Learning Cycle. Next, on the schedule was Debriefing where the participants learned about the 4F MODEL ( Facts, Feelings, Findings, Future). 

During the evening, some participants enjoyed a session of Snow Rugby, while others chose to just take a walk under the shining full moon. We all gathered again around 10 pm for a wonderful hot chocolate and apple pie prepared by our lovely Swiss volunteers, Kevin and Sandra.

The next morning the participants were again divided according to their experience as facilitators. The advanced group went even deeper into Coaching and Advanced Group Dynamics while the beginners’ group met the famous NAOMIE, a framework wildly used in YFU for designing educational sessions.

The real challenge came during the second part of the day when the participants went (more or less) into their national groups and started designing an orientation session according to LOOP. Each group had as a mentor one of the trainers, who guided them through the process. The participants were very motivated and finished their session in time for the last evenings get together.

The last day was devoted to feedback regarding the newly created sessions and action plans. The participants shared their experience on working with LOOP and made plans on how to implement it back home. All the orientation sessions created by participants will be included in the Sessions’ Library, which is being built by EEE-YFU.


This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of