SHIFT Training Course!- DAY 1 Let the Shift begin!

Shift Training Course began with a lot of enthusiasm and YFU spirit!

24 YFU volunteers from all over the world shifted to Italy in order to become better trainers to promote and multiply YFU’s vision of global citizen education and human rights. This training of trainers course is meant to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge of the future YFU trainers and is organized by EEE-YFU.

The volunteers were welcomed in Varazze, Italy by 5 enthusiastic YFU trainers: Marzena from EEE-YFU, Loic from YFU France, Airika form YFU Estonia, Alexandra from YFU Austria and Irina from YFU Spain.

The first part of the day was about teambuilding and getting to know each other and the program of the week. The participants bonded over fun energisers and interesting YFU stories. Meike told us “Shift is a good opportunity for me to meet other volunteers and get to know more perspectives and become in that way a better trainer”.

After a well deserved break at the beach or at the pool, the group met again for the second part of the program. The participants were introduced to Non-formal Education and some key concepts of YFU and the Shift (Culture, Human Rights, Global Citizenship etc.)

After the first day of input, discussions and wonderful inspiring exercises we can already see the first glimpse of impact and things begin to Shift.

Martina felt in a secure environment to talk about controversial topics e.g. the approach of human rights and culture, while Ben realised that all the YFU organisations are really different, even though they face similar problems (e.g. working and developing concepts…). He believes now that it is a good thing to bring volunteers from different organisations together in order to learn from each other.

To sum up the day: We keep shifting – What about you?

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.