SHIFT Training Course!- DAY 2 Human Rights

The focus of the day was Human Rights and how they are present in our everyday life.

The second day in the bella Italia with all the amazing YFU Shifters, brought a lot of new concepts. During the morning there was an intense introduction to Human Rights. One of the trainers, Ana, a specialist in human rights education provided the guidance for this session.

At first, everyone tried to express what makes humans think about their needs and the conditions that they need to fulfil them. It was very curious to see how the opinions of each participant were defined by their own backgrounds and experiences, which led them to have long discussions and different points of view.

After a really good Italian meal everybody had free time to get energised and be prepared for the second part of the day.

The participants were divided in two tracks during the second part of the day.  The Beginners Track (the Cubs) did a brush up of the basic tools that a trainer must have like the NAOMIE method, the learning cycle, the different styles of learners and the group dynamics. On the second part of the afternoon this group also worked with appreciative inquiry, where the basic idea is not to ask what went wrong but to ask what was achieved and what is desired for the future.

The other group, the Advanced Track (the Lions), made a more exhaustive analysis of these methods and how to put them into practice, starting with a strong theoretical base but also a lot of interaction and discussion with all the members of the group.

The end of the day brought a movie night where everybody watched the Democratic Emotions Conference by Martha Nussbaum.


This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.