SHIFT Training Course! DAY 4 Forum Theatre Practice and Facilitation

The experienced trainers started learning about Forum Theatre while the beginners practiced their facilitation skills.


After a relaxing session of Meditation in the morning, the participants were ready to begin their work.

The Beginners Track learned about visual facilitation and then had a chance to practice by doing their own flip charts for a session. The results showed a lot of improvement.

At the same time, the Advanced Track practiced and developed their coaching skills with their teammates (active listening, questioning, work on personal projections).

After the coffee break, the two tracks came together for an Image Theatre session. Here they explored the topics of power imbalance, discrimination, equality, opportunity gap by creating powerful images with their bodies. The aim of this session was to enable participants to get to know new methods and tools for anti-discrimination workshops. During this session, the Shifters also learned about the Theatre of the Oppressed. They were very impressed by this workshop and Peter underlined:

“Our trainers showed us that through creating theatrical scenes which represent the most difficult and sensitive problems of our society we can create a safe environment, “a laboratory”, where we can analyse these situations, looking for possible exists and solutions, we can understand the motivation, the role and also the consequences of each “players’” acts. Even the relationship between a chair and a bottle can show in a symbolic way how many different -and sometimes contradictory- interpretations and perspectives we can attribute to the same situation.If we open the gate between the real and the theatrical world for the public we can make our theatre even more powerful and efficient.”

During the break, everybody had a chance to relax and recharge their batteries for the second part of the day.

The Beginners Track continued with talking about anti-discrimination tools for trainers. The Shifters were made aware of the different competencies needed for anti-discrimination trainings and improved their skills with regard to anti-discrimination workshops and human rights education. The day ended with a session on Public Speaking.

The Advanced Track started learning about Forum Theatre. After discovering how Forum Theatre was created and its basic concepts, the advanced trainers started developing their own Forum Theatre play, where they portrayed the day of a girl, Louise, who was bullied by a gang of three people at school.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.