SHIFT! Training Course – DAY 5 Forum Theatre

After a powerful Forum Theatre play, the Shifters began to plan their own sessions for the final day.

The day began with the Forum Theatre play. The Advanced trainers put into practice everything they learned the day before. 

Typically for Forum Theater, someone from the audience could replace one of the actors every time, with the hope to bring a different ending to the story. By the end of the session, the Shifters managed to change the story, by empowering Louise, the oppressed to stand up to her oppressors. This session brought a lot of emotion out of everyone, but it also helped to heal old wounds. Peter shared with us: 

“Sadly and surprisingly finding a personal experience of discrimination, pain or oppression wasn’t so difficult (everybody has a story like this). This also made us realize and made us open our eyes that power imbalance, oppression, exclusion and discrimination are all around us in our communities.”

After some much needed relaxing time, the Shifters enjoyed a session, where they learned about Debriefing, Activity Management, Working in Teams and Preparing a session. The method of World Cafe was used throughout this activity, meaning that the participants were divided into four groups that moved from one trainer to another. Each trainer was in charge of one topic.

They also received a new task for the next day: each of the four groups had to prepare a session and present it in front of another group, plus the trainers. The rest of the day was spent preparing these sessions.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.