SHIFT! Training Course DAY 6

During the last day, the Shifters had the opportunity to put into practice everything they learned so far!


The first half of the day was reserved for the sessions that the participants, divided into four groups, had prepared the day before. All sessions were skilfully planned and very creative, which showed how much the participants learned in the past week.

Afterwards, the Shifters received feedback from their mentors, but also from the other participants who took part in their session. They discovered their strengths and realized which areas they still have to improve.

During the ME as a Trainer Reloaded session, the participants had to deal with a few personal questions ( What did I find about myself as a trainer?, What was surprising (good or bad)?, How does the feedback I got complete the picture of myself as a trainer? Which strengths did I demonstrate?,  How do I plan to improve?). These questions helped them to reflect on their own learning on how to be a trainer and plan their future development.

In the closing session, each participant or trainer had the opportunity to share any thoughts, feelings or feedback. Everybody expressed how deeply touched they were by the topics of this training and how their perception has shifted considerably:

“The trainers established together with the participants a safe place where it was able for me to grow and develop as a trainer. I got more connected to human rights and got aware of my possibilities in that field within YFU and also in other contexts.”

“It was more than being trained ans a multiplier, I got a deeper understanding of myself and my place in society as well as were and how to apply my experience in everyday life.”


This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.