SHIFT Training Couse! DAY 3 ME as a Trainer

During the third day the participants explored their potential as trainers.

The activity started with the “ME as a trainer” session, which was divided into two parts: the first was “The Hero’s Journey” where the participants used the land of fiction to describe a trainer’s path. The second part dived into the capabilities and needs of humans to be able to live a fulfilled life ( Life, Bodily health, Bodily integrity, Senses, Imagination, Thoughts, Emotions, Practical Reason, Affiliation, Other Species, Play, Control over the environment). The participants got to explore each capability separately, and choose which one was closest to their hearts. Afterwards they explored their personal wounds and things that prevent them from using their full potential. This was then shared and supported in small groups so that the healing process could begin. Using this capabilities as a stepping stone, the trainers got to explore their wounds and restraints as well as their admirable qualities.

To recover after this emotional morning, some participants spent their lunch break by the pool, enjoying a cool atmosphere with friends and music.

The second part of the day split the participants again into the Beginners Track (cubs) and the Advanced Track (lions).

The cubs learned about Group Dynamics and Non-violent Communication.

The lions explored, with the help of Outdoor Education, how trust is gained in a team and how to work together in order to achieve a task. During the “Sensorial Path” session, they divided into groups of two, and each of them had to lead their partner who kept his/her eyes shut. They walked around the location, discovering it in a complete new way. This exercise helped them gain more trust in each other and experience both the leader and the follower role.

For the “Slack Line” exercise, the 8 lions had to cross a thin line between two trees, without any support from outside. The only one who could offer support was someone else standing on the line.  During this exercise the participants really worked as a team, discussing different strategies and helping each other. Because they worked together, they all managed to cross the line once, achieving their goal.

After dinner, the participants took part in the “Five Rhythm Dance” activity that helped them be more aware of their bodies through movement.

Now, towards the middle of the training, the participants are present and motivated to improve themselves in order to bring a meaningful contribution to the YFU community.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.