Meet the Dream Team: YFU Austria comes together for the Sharing Event in Vienna!

The first Sharing Event took place in Austria and gave the volunteers and volunteer co-ordinators a perfect opportunity to work together and develop new ideas to improve their growth opportunities within YFU.

When your exchange year is over there aren’t so many opportunities to stay in touch with YFU, and if you want to meet volunteers outside of your country, things can get even more difficult. In order to keep YFU Family more united than ever, a follow-up for the Step training course was organized in a form of Sharing Events in different locations in Europe. 

The first sharing event took place over the weekend of 12th and 13th of November in Austria, with 8 enthusiastic participants and 2 trainers (participants of Step Further) and the results exceeded everyone’s expectations. The whole group called itself The Dream Team at the end of the event and expressed their desire to work together in the future.

The first day covered the topics of volunteer involvement, roles and events. Participants went back in time to remember how their own journey with volunteering has started. They analysed various reasons that motivate people to share their time and energy without a financial gain, as well as what can hinder people’s engagement in such activities. The participants also worked on visualising existing volunteer structures in YFU Austria and discussed what could be changed in order to promote more involvement and growth in smaller regions. Currently most of Austrian volunteers are based in the capital city – Vienna and in Innsbruck. Apart from that, the most involved volunteers have gathered together to build BRETT – a training team committed to increase the quality of YFU Austria’s seminars and educational activities.

During the second day the participants studied different needs that drive people’s behaviours and got to know some of the main motivational theories. They talked about leadership and management of groups, analysing types of personalities and roles within a team. Since the participants came from all over the country, they offered details about the situation in their region and discussed strategies for improving the level of activity according to every situation. At the end of the 2-day event, the participants worked on action plans that would help them to put all freshly learnt knowledge into action.

Below can be found a few testimonies from participants:

“Beautiful flip-charts, amazing human beings, competent trainers. You guys are great!”

“I could see your enthusiasm about what you do, made it easier to follow and get new ideas”

“It was very refreshing to have you here, you taught me new views and YFU spirit. It was very interesting to get to know new faces of YFU, not only YFU Austria, and you are very good speakers and motivators. Thank you!”

These testimonies are the best proof that coming together in other to share and learn is exactly what volunteers and volunteer co-ordinators need to keep their motivation and enthusiasm up. Happy volunteers who want to contribute mean the growth of YFU organisations – so that together we can advance YFU goals!

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.