Sharing is Caring! YFU Netherlands Sharing Event

On November 19th, a Step Further Sharing Event took place in the office of YFU Netherlands. An active group of volunteers in varying roles, staff members and board members, explored issues related to managing and motivating volunteers.


The second Sharing Event took place in YFU Netherland’s office in Vikeveen. This time it was a 1-day event and it was offered mainly to experienced volunteers, volunteer leaders and board members. The trainers were Judith Alms from YFU Germany and Marta Bednarczyk from YFU Poland, both participating previously at Step Further.

The day began with a discussion on different definitions of volunteering. Should we consider it a solely altruistic activity? Or should we also acknowledge that oftentimes what boosts volunteer’s engagement are personal needs? Such questions were asked, in order to provoke unorthodox outlook on volunteer-related issues and to have participants realize what are the reasons that make them volunteer as well.

The session which followed was an analysis of various motivation factors that encourage different age groups to commit to voluntarily work in a non-profit organization. The participants explored empathy maps, trying to figure out how to attract particular volunteer types and how to keep them involved, thinking how to reach out to groups which are not very present among YFU volunteers.


A significant part of the day was also dedicated to collecting as many ideas as possible for appreciating and rewarding active volunteers. In particular, an emphasis was placed on the importance of expressing recognition and acknowledgment for unpaid volunteer workers.

The last part of the event was devoted to creating clear paths of development for people engaged in the organisation, regardless of their experience.

At the end of the day, we can consider this another successful Sharing Event, where volunteers and staff members got the chance to spend time with each other, creating bonds that benefit them and the organization. We hope to see them get involved more and more, putting in practice everything they learned on this occasion.

This activity was made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.