Step Further: Volunteer Co-ordinators’ Training Course

Supporting volunteer co-ordinators in creating development paths for volunteers


In Latvia from 25-30 April 2016, volunteer co-ordinators will gather in order to make sure YFU volunteer networks flourish!

The aim of Step Further is to support volunteer co-ordinators and persons dealing with volunteer management in creating development paths for volunteers so that the growth opportunities for volunteers in their organisations substantially increase. It will particularly focus on benefits and practices for local chapter and regional development.  The training will also tackle understanding volunteer motivation, exploring ways to diversify volunteer force, as well as will offer an opportunity to share good volunteer management & recruitment practices.
The project will put a special emphasis on giving importance to volunteers’ autonomy, possibilities of growth and appreciation.

Project Outputs & Follow Up

  • proposals for career/development paths for volunteers
  • booklet on current practices regarding volunteer management and development as well as ideas for future direction

As a follow-up, the participants will be encouraged to conduct mini-induction workshops (sharing good practices and outcomes of this training) for representatives of organisations who do not have yet volunteer co-ordinator positions and were not able to participants.

This training is made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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