What happens in Estonia…

…sets the tone for the whole year in Let’s Grow Together Reloaded project!

Want to have a peak into what happened at Let’s Grow Together on Day 2?

Here a little story from Let’s Grow Together participants!

“Spring in Saku, Estonia! The snowdrops are blooming, the sun is shining. Gardens all over Europe will turn colorful again, and 17 volunteers from 13 countries are planting their seeds to start growing together.

As a well-developed EEE-YFU training this seminar is the kick off to a year-long project. For one week the participants are getting various tools to develop and improve different volunteer regions around the globe. With the help of experienced trainers, working groups and guest speakers they are digging deep into the potential of their specific area.

During the sessions, Diego, one of the trainers, reminded everyone that borders shouldn’t hold back anyone when tending the YFU landscape. Participants were encouraged to rethink their traditional approach to borders within and outside of their countries.

The group has been faced with different challenges and in the process grew closer and closer. Everyone quickly learned that differences should be embraced and seen as assets when working towards a common goal.

Under the Estonian sun plans started to grow into a wonderful garden of opportunities. The team is now looking forward to working together in order to harvest the fruits of their projects in December.

The time in Saku was a reminder that being part of one region never means you can’t be part of another region – We are one YFU :)”

This was just the beginning – now it is time to start cultivating volunteer gardens!