Coloured Glasses Internship in YFU Argentina

Description of Coloured Glasses Internship in YFU Argentina

YFU Argentina is looking for an intern with deep knowledge and experience in Coloured Glasses, to work on national and regional Coloured Glasses development. Intern would live around one month in a different city.

Period of Coloured Glasses Internship

Internship length of at least 3 months, starting between March and July 2017.

Internship requirements

  • Intern must speak Spanish and English. German knowledge is appreciated
  • Being very active, positive, flexible, willing to learn, with discipline, enthusiastic, outgoing, self-confident, independent and creative
  • Deep experience with Coloured Glasses


Doing Coloured Glasses workshops and trainings for volunteers, help develop national Coloured Glasses development strategy. Also work on regional development; promotion, help with inbound and outbound, and volunteer management.

What is included:

Pocket Money:  3200 Argentinean pesos per month (around U$200), Accommodation in either host  family or room, travel and stay to other cities or countries for YFU activities and seminars.

What is in your hands:

Visa/Residence permit (not necessary for most countries), medical insurance, travel to and from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Application process for Internship in YFU Argentina:

Interested candidates should send a motivation letter, mentioning which of the tasks above they think they can do at best and objectives and expectations from the internship, their CV (including resume of  education, trainings, YFU background and personal skills), and references (including YFU reference).  Include personal information (family background, hobbies), pictures, and host family letter. With all these files, please send your application to until 20 March, 2017.

The call for intern can be downloaded here: Call for Coloured Glassed Intern